Home is where the Air Force Sends Us– that’s the motto we used for over twenty years as our family traveled the world with the United States Air Force. And while we saw some great places and experienced some amazing things, our heart always yearned for our return to our roots in the Midwest. So, we returned to our true home, where everyone understands Garrison Keillor’s, “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” So true, so true.

In the military, families often refer to their “forever home.” That’s the home you’ll have when your service is done and you can carve out a piece of property to live on forever. We are so happy we made our forever home in Eau Claire, home of clear water. We look forward to meeting all of you! Jim, Anna, Otto, and I hope you stop by, eat some apples, and stay for a chat!

- Laura


It took us many attempts to arrive at our orchard logo.  Truly, I think we revised it about a hundred times! We wanted to get it just right, with just enough meaning to capture our family and our adventures.

- The roots of the tree, combined with our Leffel Roots name harkens us back to our roots here in the Midwest as well as our own family roots, which nourish our tree.
- There are thirteen green leaves - we've had thirteen different homes - thirteen adventures with all their ups and downs.
- There are twenty one tips on the branches and roots - We proudly served in the Air Force for over twenty-one years.
- There are two leaves at the top of the tree that, when joined, form a heart.
- There are seven red apples - OK, really, 7 is a lucky number!
- The apples are round - Unlike traditional pictures of apples, honey crisp apples (our staple) are more round.


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