At our orchard, we want you to be able to pick an apple and a pumpkin, no matter what your physical ability is.  It's often difficult for those in wheelchairs or who may be unsteady on their feet to navigate the terrain in a typical orchard.  Plus, if you're sitting down, it is difficult to reach the apples in the tree.  So, we built a special deck just for you!  The deck is raised enough and the trees are specially pruned to put the apples just in reach.  The pumpkin bed at the end of the deck is raised also so  that you can find the perfect display gourd or carving pumpkin.  In order to be able to provide this service to everyone, we limit apple picking on the deck to 1//4 peck.  We also provide a handicapped accessible port-a-potty (just in case!).

There is a 100 ft grassy area that must be traversed to the deck.  Transport wheelchairs (the ones used in clinical settings, with 4 small wheels) may have some difficulty with that.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we ARE working on a solution!

Our normal parking is on the grass in front of the building.  If it's been raining, that can be a bit tricky for wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Therefore, we invite you to park anytime on the west side of the store on the gravel (that's to the right).

Finally, if you have a sensitivity to crowds, noise, or any other attribute that may affect your enjoyment of the orchard, please call Laura at 715-514-5171 to see how we can accommodate you!