There's nothing better than freshly picked apples!  They are always more crisp, sweeter, and oh so tempting!  Of course, everyone knows about fresh baked apple pies, but there are lots of other things you can do with all of those apples!  Read on for a fun list of food, activities, home ideas, and gifts!


For the Home and Neighbor:

  • Table centerpiece
  • Place card holder
  • Door Wreath
  • Carve them and dry them into shrunken heads
  • Add wrapped caramels and nuts/candy for a great party favor
  • Dry chips and add to a dry potpourri
  • Boil the potpourri for a great smell
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away gift for an ailing friend
  • Of course, an apple for the teacher!
  • Just give them to your neighbor with a note
  • Press them into cider
  • Make Cider Vinegar
  • Make Apple Pectin for use in jam and jelly recipes

Kids Love Apples Too!

  • Cut the apples in half, paint the flesh, and stamp with them
  • Cut them in half, add a popsicle stick mast and paper sail, and float them
  • Seed spitting contest
  • Wrap gauze around an apple for a mummy Halloween apple
  • Put fur on the top, add some eyes, and a scary mouth for a Halloween monster apple
  • Make a structure with apple chunks and toothpicks
  • Make cars with an apple slice, half grape wheels, and toothpicks

Pies are great, of course, but look at all the other things you can eat!

  • Bars, Cake, Bread, Crisp, Fritter, Dumplings
  • Stuffed/Baked
  • Applesauce
  • Apple Butter
  • Jam/Jelly
  • Fruit Leather
  • Dipped (Caramel, peanut butter, frosting, honey, maple syrup, candy, and on and on!)
  • Apple Salad
  • Apple Salsa
  • Apple Cider Dressing
  • Apple Pancakes, Waffles, Coffee Cake, Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Rolls
  • Apple oatmeal
  • Fried apples
  • Apple Granola from dried apples
  • Apple Juice popsicles
  • Fried Apple Rings
  • Baked apple brie
  • Apple Chips
  • Pork and Apples
  • Apple cider glaze, sauce, marinade, bbq sauce
  • Apple Chicken Salad
  • Wrapped with bacon appetizer
  • Roasted squash with apples
  • Apple Water, Sparkler
  • Apple Smoothie
  • Ice Cream

Still have more apples to use? 

  •  If you have pounds and pounds and pounds, you can extract oil from the seeds! 10 lbs of apple seeds makes a 3 oz bottle of oil…